What’s the general plan?

Riding from coast to coast should be organized and planned out, right?  Exactly!

Here’s the general concept:

  1. Riders will navigate the route with two cyclists on the course at any given time.  The pair will consist of an able-bodied cyclist and disabled cyclist.  The pair will ride for approximately 2 hours at a given time.
  2. After completing their two-hour “shift”, the pair will drive a support vehicle for 2 hours, then rest for 4 hours in one of two RVs that will be moving along with the cyclists at ~15mph.  After the moving rest period, the pair will drive a support vehicle again for 2hrs and then the rotations starts all over again. Each transition will only last 15 minutes.
  3. Along the adventure, the entire group will have overnight rest stops in Waco, TX; Charlotte, NC; Cheraw, SC; Marion, SC and N. Myrtle Beach, SC.  These longer breaks will be a time to conduct maintenance on equipment, address any personal injuries or ailments, wash clothes, as well as have updated briefings on the remainder of the route.  The updated briefing will serve as the time to gain any new information on weather, road closures, and other issues that might cause for a revision to the original plan.



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