Kelsey Rae Insogna

Original hometown: Caroga Lake, NY

Current home: Maiden, NC

Any military connection/ service or are you riding in honor of a veteran:

KRI:  I am riding in honor of both of my grandfathers who have served, and all that have served or are serving for our country.

How long have you been injured:

KRI:  Since Dec 4, 2011

What is you mode of ambulation:

KRI:  Wheelchair

What is your personal reason for making this ride:

KRI:  I am extremely honored to be participating in this event with the ones who have shown me that anything is possible. I enjoy challenging myself and demonstrating that being paralyzed isn’t a reason not to accomplish your goals. I want to show people with a new disability that there are many different ways to overcome the obstacles that we face. I am doing this in honor of my big brother, C.J., who passed away in the accident that I was injured in and my little brother, Zack, for all of his love and support.

What is your Message to others with physical challenges about the benefits of participation in Adaptive Sports:

KRI:  Adaptive Sports has given me reason, confidence, independence, and shown me that a disability isn’t the end of life. I’d also like to thank Robbie Parks and Jennifer Moore for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and showing me that I can do whatever I put my mind to.