Pam Kelly


Original hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Current hometown: Pinellas Park, FL

Veteran status and Branch of service: Medically Retired, United States Army

Years of service: 1989-2006

Rank: Sergeant, USA

Military Occupation: Motor Transport Operator

Deployments: Preparing for deployment when training accident occurred

Any military/veteran connection or are you riding in honor of a military member/veteran?

PK: I am riding to honor every American who has ever served, who is serving and who will serve.

How long have you been physically challenged?

PK:  13 years

Mode of ambulation?

PK:  Nearly quadriplegic, only having use of my left arm. 

Personal reason for making the ride?

PK: I don’t know how much longer I have in my life to be physically active. I need to participate in this event and others like to prove to myself that I’m alive inside. Completing this adventure will be a huge accomplishment for me to demonstrate to myself that I am and will always be able, not disabled.

Message to others with physical challenges about the benefits of participation in Adaptive Sports.

PK: You need to find a physical activity that truly interests you, that you can become passionate about, and stick with it. For me, I picked up hand cycling and have absolutely loved it ever since.  Being disabled doesn’t mean that you can’t – keeping striving to achieve your goals and you will.