Ed Moen


Original hometown: Tennyson, IN

Current hometown: Harrisburg, NC

Employer: GID Solutions

Position/title: Chief Operating Officer

Veteran status and Branch of service:  Retired, United States Marine Corps

Years of Service: 1983 – 2009

Rank:  Major, USMC

MOS: Missile Technician; Electro-Optics Repairman; Infantry Weapons Repair Officer; Ordnance Officer

Last Unit: Inspector & Instructor, 4th Maintenance Battalion

Deployments: Arctic Warrior 85 (Ft Drum, Norway), Anchor Express 86 (Bridgeport, Ft Ripley, Norway), CSSD-32 -86 (Subic Bay), SPMAGTF 1-88 (Persian Gulf), Thailay Thai – 89 (Thailand), Battle Griffin 99 (Bridgeport, Norway), Battle Griffin 01 (Bridgeport, Norway), Cooperative Osprey 01 (Nova Scotia), Combine Arms Exercise 9-10/94; 3-4/98; 9-10/99; 9/10/01; (29 Palms), Bragg-X 97, 98, 99 (Ft Bragg), Mojave Viper 3-4/07 (29 Palms), Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08 (Iraq)

EM:  I’m riding to honor all those who served, in peace and in war, and especially for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.   I’m fortunate to have completed multiple combat tours and 25 years of service with no major physical challenges so I’m riding for those that weren’t so lucky.  I intend to use this opportunity to share the blessings I’ve been gifted take time to recognize those less fortunate.  My hope is that my participation here will help others and strengthen the resolve of all of us to look for, and actively engage in ways to participate in a higher calling to service.