Jason Rogers

Original hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Current hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Employer: Student at The Trousdale School, work at the YMCA

Position/title: Adventure Center staff

Veteran status and Branch of service: N/A

Any military/veteran connection or are you riding in honor of a military member/veteran?

JR:  Lt. Zachary Cavitt, USN, Ret.  (my brother in law)

How long have you been physically challenged?

JR:  I have Down Syndrome

Mode of ambulation? (wheelchair, cane/crutches, prosthetic) N/A

Paralympic or other medals for cycling, etc.

JR:  Many Special Olympic Medals in swimming, alpine skiing, golf, basketball, flag football, bocce, track and field and volleyball.

Personal reason for making the ride?

JR:  I love riding with my dad and my brother in law is the best.

Message to others with physical challenges about the benefits of participation in Adaptive Sports.

JR:  I have met many new friends through competition and adaptive sports. It keeps me fit and is very important in my life.

Jason Rogers, left, with his dad, Jim Rogers.
Jason Rogers, left, with his dad, Jim Rogers.